All my friends got cushy, high-paying jobs in software companies and are having a gala time. But I don’t even know will I ever get an IT job off-campus?


Never again worry about getting a well-paying IT job. This online training program is all you need to get hired by top software companies that you secretly desire to work for. And start earning a minimum 4 lakh per annum—GUARANTEED!


So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months
Worried Software Engineer

Is this you?

  • Couldn’t stand seeing yourself as a failure in front of your parents
  • Avoiding your friends as they would boast about their new jobs
  • Fearing you will end in a poorly-paid graduate job that you’ll never like
  • Wondering how you will compete in the off-campus fresher recruitment race
  • Getting angry when your relatives show up
  • Constantly plagued by the question, “What will I do next?”
  • Because..
  • You didn’t get placed in the campus.
  • Your college doesn’t offer campus recruitment.
  • You’re being rejected in off-campus interviews.
  • You want to become a software engineer, but you’re not a computer science graduate.
  • You’re clueless how to get a well-paying IT job off campus.

If so, it’s time you put an end to your career worries and sleepless nights. Once and forever.

From the founders of ENGRIP

Presenting India’s first-of-its-kind & only
intensive, immersive, & intimate hands-on
Online Training Program That

It doesn’t matter whether you know to code or not. It doesn’t matter whether you did computer science or not. It doesn’t matter whether you graduated from reputed colleges or not. Within the next 6 months, you will be earning a fat pay-check from a top IT company. GUARANTEED.

The best part is you need to pay only a small part of the total course fee, in simple EMIs, to get a high-paying job. You can pay the balance money only if you get the job within the 6 months. Else, we will refund every rupee back. Promise!

Sounds too good to be true!?
Yep. It certainly is.
Ain’t it?

So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months

Your Unfair Advantages To Earn A Minimum 4 Lakh Per Annum
Even as a fresher!

  • Become proficient in on-trend and in-demand skills

    Discover the essential aspects of coding and apply your new coding skills to solve real-world problems. You can learn, practise, and implement programs, tools, and techniques that are currently in demand in the IT industry. Mastering these skills will make you a prized candidate in the market, giving you a competitive edge over your peers.

  • Get trained like an IT professional

    Nurture the mindset of a developer. You will be given daily, weekly, and monthly product building challenges that will enrich your learning experience. Our modules are carefully designed in such a way that right from day one, you will experience learning as if you are working in a real IT company and get trained as if you’re on a real IT job.

  • Accelerate your career growth

    From coding to communication, from project management to interview attending skills, you will learn and do everything it takes to become a highly valued software developer. What you will learn and what you will do at the job will be EXACTLY the same. So you work and talk like a pro right from day one in your job.

  • Turn into a well-rounded software developer

    You will be trained to become a full-stack web developer. You will imbibe critical computer science foundations that will turn you from a learner to Ready-to-deploy software engineer. Besides, this course opens up 3 career options for you: Front-end developer, Back-end developer, and Design Engineer.

  • Build a portfolio with 3 real-time projects

    You will work on 3 real-time projects. So you can build products and production-ready applications and demonstrate your skills to your future employer. You will gain hands-on experience to solve problems, put your coding knowledge into action, coordinate with teams, attend online meetings, and get things done on time.

  • Pair Programming

    To give you a feel for the engineer’s working environment, our training curriculum includes pair programming. You'll collaborate with other remote students on projects, via collaboration software. Thus, you'll earn the team skills needed to thrive in a professional working environment.

  • Be mentored by industry experts

    You will be mentored by IT professionals who have/had REAL working experience in the world’s best IT companies. So you will not only gain ‘insider information’ of the IT industry insights, but also first-hand working experience with IT professionals.

  • Learn from wherever you are!

    You can attend the classes from the comfort of your home, smacking mother’s food. No need to move to a new city. No need to worry about monthly expenses. Our online classes are live, interactive, and fun.

  • Job Guarantee. Or, complete refund!

    Within 3 months from completing the training program, you will secure an IT job that pays you anywhere between 4-5 lakhs per annum. If not, the training is on the house. Yep! We’ll refund every single rupee of your course fee. So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Are you in?

So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months



  • Weeks 1 - 5

    Web Foundation

    HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, javascript, Git

    Schedule: 9 AM to 6PM IST,
    Monday to Friday

  • Weeks 6 - 10

    Frontend Development

    jQuery, AJAX, Angular JS

    Schedule: 9 AM to 6PM IST,
    Monday to Friday

  • Weeks 11 - 15

    Backend Development

    Node.js, Express, SQL, OAuth

    Schedule: 9 AM to 6PM IST,
    Monday to Friday

  • Weeks 16 - 20

    Computer Science

    Data structures & Algorithms with Python and Django

    Schedule: 9 AM to 6PM IST,
    Monday to Friday

  • Weeks 21 - 25

    Career Launch

    Final Project, Communication Skills & Interview Training, Certification

    Schedule: 9 AM to 6PM IST,
    Monday to Friday

Meet Your Mentors

Anil Kumar Ghorakavi
Founder of EnGrip
As an entrepreneur who’s constantly finding ways to help people reach greater heights in their career and an Ex-Oracle guy, I know EXACTLY what it takes to launch a career in the IT industry. The truth is your background or your degrees don’t matter! What matters is your skills, only your skills!

Rakesh Kumar
Growth Head
A Growth person with a passion for making businesses succeed by providing immense value to the end user. Rakesh is the Growth Head at 10000 Coders; strategizing and executing marketing tasks.

Praveen Kumar
Program Advisor
A pioneer in Learning & Development industry, Praveen always felt disengaged with traditional education. He believes supplementing education with relevant and engaging experience would prepare students for careers in the tech industry. He currently leads the program design at 10000 coders and brings in all his experience in studying various programs in the west to India for your success.

Pavan Kumar
Technical Advisor
A startup enthusiast and a technology erudite, Pavan dons the advisor hat at 10000 Coders. He ensures our curriculum is up-to-date with the latest industry needs and our program delivery uses the trending tools and processes adopted by the industry. He has led and directed many learning programs for fresher engineers in various roles at the companies he has served over the last 13+ years.

Meet Some of Your Potential Employers

From established start-ups to top tech giants, we have partnered with some of the most sought after IT companies in India. So you can get the exclusive privilege to work with the game-changers of the IT industry, build awesome products, make a real difference, and earn insanely well.

Of course, only after successfully completing our course! :)
Cusmat Technologies
MAQ Software
Zen Technololgies
Tech Mahindra
Mutual Mobile
Yellow Messenger
Option Matrix


We want to invest our time and efforts only with people who are dead serious about getting an IT job. Since we are taking the financial risk and guaranteeing you a well-paying IT job, we expect our aspiring coders to meet certain criteria. So you will have to go through a rigorous selection process.

But don’t worry! We don’t expect any coding knowledge from you. All we do expect is your complete dedication and involvement. If you have 60% aggregate through out your academics and simply follow what we ask you to do, you will be easily qualified for our program.

And once you are in, your life is settled. Forever!

Get into our free 3-day bootcamp
Get our respect by performing well in the bootcamp
Get selected for the 6-months online, live, interactive training program
Get trained by industry experts
Get certified as a full stack web developer
Get a high-paying job

Get ahead in life!

Are you in?

So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months


Nothing if you don't get a job. That's right!

  • Full-Stack Web Developer Training
    Course Duration: 6 Months
  • Program Fee
    12% off: Early adopter discount
    ₹ 149987
  • Pay just
    To attend the course
    7 installments
    Pay the balance ₹ 93,489/- only if you get the job. Otherwise we will refund every single rupee back to you!
  • EMI plan
    No interest EMI
    5,500 /mo
    24 months
  • * 2% non-refundable processing fees will be collected with the advance EMI
    POWERED BY Propelld

You pay just ₹ 38,500/- in 7 EMIs during the training period

Only if you get a high paying IT job as we promise, you pay the balance ₹ 93,489/-


You read that right. If you don’t get a job, the training is totally FREE.

We will refund every single rupee back to you!

No hidden catches. No deductions. No dilly-dallying.
Get a job. Else, get your money back.

Are you in?

So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months

We hear your questions!

Here’s what most students like you ask us

You sure have done your research, eh? Awesome!

Yes! Such courses are available even for dirt-cheap prices. No denying that!

But we are charging a premium price for 3 reasons:

  1. Unlike other training programs, we simply don’t impart knowledge. We will teach you the EXACT skills that will get a good IT job.

    Prepare for interviews

    Create an online profile that attracts recruiters from top IT companies

    Teach soft skills

    Talks by real-time professionals

    Daily challenges

    Use on-trend tools that are currently recommended in the IT industry. (Other courses, don’t teach you the tools)

    And a lot more!

    All these take humongous effort for our team.

  2. We will not leave you like an orphan once the course is over. We’re PROMISING YOU A JOB that pays anywhere between 4-5 lakh per annum.

    No other training program promises you even a JOB. Let alone a well-paying one!

  3. We are offering you a complete refund.

    No other training program does that in India.

    We’re investing in your success. Only if you succeed, our efforts will be rewarded. If you don’t get a well-paying IT job as we promised, the financial loss is only for us.

    So we are demanding the price to ensure you get the best course modules, quality instructors, and results.

    Our training happens in real-time. That means, you will get to interact and learn from your mentors exactly as you do in your classrooms.

    Hey! Besides, we are asking you to only pay for 6 months. If you don’t get a job, you get the money back. Plus, the certification and learning remain with you.

    And if you get a job, you can earn the course fee back within 6 months.

    Consider all these facts, and you will know this would be the best investment for your career

Nope. We cannot say so.

They are new technologies.

But the cold truth is those technologies don’t offer jobs for freshers.

That’s why we are focusing on Full Stack Web Developer, which is a reliable way to land a lucrative IT job in top companies.


Anyway, if you are seeking to learn new technologies, we are not for you. We’re interested in only enrolling people who want to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

You probably shouldn’t!

But if you are still searching for an IT job with handsome pay, then you can consider our course.

As we said earlier, we will not leave our students like orphans after the course is completed. We are promising you a minimum 4 Lakhs paying IT job.

However, take our program only if you are serious about becoming a well-paid full stack web developer in top software companies. Else, be happy with whatever you are doing. God bless!

Valid question.

We will offer you a legally validated agreement. In that, we will CLEARLY state our JOB Guarantee. You can use our agreement to sue us if we don’t keep up our promise.

Besides, we are not even asking you to pay the full amount unless you get the job. We are taking the financial risk. We are committing to your success.

And we already have a track record of placing more than 350+ students within a year using EnGrip. We built EnGrip with the mission to help people achieve greater heights in their career.

We have partnered with well-known banks and companies. So you can be rest assured you will get every rupee back. That is, only if you don’t get the job!

Nope. You cannot.

For a very simple reason.

We want your 100% dedication and commitment - 8 hours a day, 5 days a week-for 6 months.

Unless, you pay money from your (or, maybe dad’s or mom’s!) pocket and make a financial commitment, we cannot expect that you will be dedicated to the training.

You might show up for a few days. Disappear. Come back. Disappear.

So nope! That’s not going to work for us.

And we cannot be spending time with non-serious, non-committed students.

Remember: this will not be your average, sit back, sleep, dream, and happily forget kind of training program.

  • You need to attend classes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • You need to put in hard work.
  • You need to do the heavy lifting.
  • You need to burn the mid-night tubelight.
  • You need to implement the information you learn.

If you do, there is absolutely, positively, no stopping you from getting that high paying IT job.

So are you ready to go from jobless, hopeless, clueless graduate to a minimum 30k earning IT professional?

So I Can Get A Well-Paying IT Job In 6 Months

And take my career and life to greater heights!